Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"clean" anything

These days there's any number of adverts for "clean" this or "green" that, and some times it seems that if you're not advertising as being green then no one wants anything to do with you. Well this has become so pervasive that even coal power is trying it.


Just as appears the backwards republican ideals were falling this crap makes it into the world. "Clean Coal, Americas' Power" is the slogan they're running with. I get what they're attempting to accomplish here though, by saying that coal power is "all around us" they imply that it's difficult to get power from sources such as solar and wind. We'll I'm not sure about wind - I do know that a decent turbine can generate 50kWH each day with good wind - but with two properly made and positioned solar panels you can power your home, put four in if you want to save up some power for that week when the clouds roll in - No you do not need to have sun all the time to get power from solar panels. SO by implying that alternative power is difficult to get they are swaying peoples' minds from installing alternative power generation measures and towards the complacent norm.

I'm not going to bother to rant about coal being unclean as that's a moot point.

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