Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"clean" anything

These days there's any number of adverts for "clean" this or "green" that, and some times it seems that if you're not advertising as being green then no one wants anything to do with you. Well this has become so pervasive that even coal power is trying it.


Just as appears the backwards republican ideals were falling this crap makes it into the world. "Clean Coal, Americas' Power" is the slogan they're running with. I get what they're attempting to accomplish here though, by saying that coal power is "all around us" they imply that it's difficult to get power from sources such as solar and wind. We'll I'm not sure about wind - I do know that a decent turbine can generate 50kWH each day with good wind - but with two properly made and positioned solar panels you can power your home, put four in if you want to save up some power for that week when the clouds roll in - No you do not need to have sun all the time to get power from solar panels. SO by implying that alternative power is difficult to get they are swaying peoples' minds from installing alternative power generation measures and towards the complacent norm.

I'm not going to bother to rant about coal being unclean as that's a moot point.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chrysler: Building New Spin

So it happened. the first of the big three auto makers went out and declared bankruptcy. If you don't believe me that's fine it's already legitimate news; the secret's out. Wait! Chrysler is still selling cars, trucks and vans, they can't be be bankrupt. In fact they just launched an add campaign detailing how they don't build cars they actually build life. Yeah, I've seen that one too, it's very nice and flashy and it really puts an idea out that they may be more than just a car company. They're still bankrupt!

So how is it that Chrysler is still operating as normal? That's where the real fun starts. As it turns out in the U.S.A. the government stepped up to not only funnel them cash to operate but also to guarantee their warranty program, in the meantime Chrysler will continue to function as a normal company just with the government paying their bills. The funny part here is Chrysler is still going to maintain their status as a private company.


IF you or I were to declare bankruptcy tomorrow it would mean all of our bills were put to an end yes, however we would not be able to own property, business, or large financial assets of any kind for at least 7 years. All credit cards would then be void and for another 7 years you couldn't even apply for any kind of credit; and even after that time good luck getting credit from ANYONE. On top of all that any tax returns filled would be under the strictest scrutiny. All this and a slew of other bad things happen to people and small business owners who declare bankruptcy, their lives are effectively under government scrutiny and control. So why then is Chrysler not becoming a publicly owned company? Look at North American politics and their hatred of all socialist practices for that one. Well all publicly owned things that aren't fire, water, police, mail. and if you live in Canada health care. You know, just the important things but apart from that we won't have any part of any socialist ideals.

Friday, May 8, 2009

This "Cash 4 Gold" thing

If you watch syndicated TV at all then you've probably seen commercials for either "Cash 4 Gold" or "dollars for Gold" with promises of "cash for your broken or unwanted jewelery." Well sure that sounds good, who wouldn't want money for things they no longer use?

Speaking of money; here's a bit of a history lesson for people who wonder about the paper and electronic cards we use for currency. Not so long ago a country's wealth was solely determined by the gold in circulation, however, gold is rather heavy and to carry it in large quantities is difficult so the dollar bill was born. These new pieces of paper were a representation of the gold in a country and so were redeemable in gold, one should note that these carried no inflation due to being back by gold. They even had it printed on them. then some folks who chaired some large name banks decided it was time for the banks to control the world. the federal reserve system was enacted after a series of bank closures due to outflows of cash. This new system required the banks to be in control of the gold supply of a country so that they controlled the entire money supply.

With the Fed. Reserve in place the banks loan money to the country in question and that's where each country gets the funds to buy and trade with others. Wait for one second and think "if the bank loans money to the country where do they get the money to pay off the loan?" If all other countries have to borrow money in this fashion then the money to pay off the loan interest can only come from the banks.

Now with this cash and dollars for gold they're out to tie up loose ends it seems. They advertise that "your gold goes straight to the refinery" and after that it's headed to a reserve because the supply must be controlled to maintain control over the people through these little notes that simply say "legal tender" which is really another way of saying "completely worthless."